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ALS Scan Discount


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ALS Scan really doesn’t give you a clue about the kind of action that they make when you look at the sites name, right? You don’t know what and who is doing the scanning, or what material is being scanned, or whether the site is from someone called ALS. That is until you learn that this is an abbreviation for the words -all ladies shaved-. This is when things start to become so much clearer. So, no-hair action is what we are reviewing today and we are damn excited about it!

The only thing that every gal inside this site has in common with the other is the fact that they are all without any sort of pubic hair near and around their delicious pussies. They first started out showing these hairless gals doing only solo action. Then they started adding some gal-gal material. Now they have added a lot of dudes and gals doing provocative things to each other. You will also find some public nudity action, some fisting, fetish goodies, solo, and even glamour stuff inside.

They are adding a mixture of videos and picture sets. They have 15 videos and 17 picture galleries that they have added in the last month. This means an almost daily updating schedule with alternating pics and movies. Due to their commitment, they bring over 1800 videos and over 2200 pic sets to you. If you look at the update section, you will catch everything that passes-by and everything that these guys add. You will have things like flash player, HD options 1080p resolution videos, high res images, file formats, zip file for pics, and downloading protocols and file sizes. In other words for those not tech savvy, you get all you need to watch/download in impressive filming quality.

If you have a thing for slim sexy young bodies, blondes and brunettes, you will feel right at home inside this site. ALS Scan offers very many different gals. The thing many people join to see when it comes to this site is the wild pussy pics and videos that give you clear shots of lips with no hair in sight. The site has also started doing more intense hardcore things like DP, anal play, insertions, peeing, and squirting. We are just happy with the no hair policy and everything else inside is a blessing!

There is more information you can find inside ALS Scan when you check out the blog. You will get live cams, and other exciting stuff inside to keep you busy. This site displays the pussy-without-hair niche of hardcore porn that many will really enjoy. It is time to get kinky with these guys. Check them out!

MPL Studios Discount


PNW’s MPL Studios Deal


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You know the famous mother Russia is known for a lot of things except freezing cold and high quality vodka! They are known for having some very fine women and producing some very fine pornography. MPL Studios is the place where you can find this kind of quality erotica porn that will light a fire under your ass! The gals that are shown inside this site mostly hail from European countries. You will feel intoxicated from drinking in the erotic images of their bodies and tight young pussies. One thing that these guys definitely make sure they get right is to work with only the best photographers in the business.

The site has been doing its kind of action from back in 2003. They have a nice full archive that they have made. They like ladies who come from countries like Russia, Ukraine, UK, Czech, Australia, and other European countries. The material inside is softcore artsy pornography that shows you lots of teasing/stripping. They also do let the gals get together sometimes for a little lesbian fire lovemaking. The action can be from light kissing to licking. You will find that they have all the tools you need to watch the material. The films can be found under the separate video section. You will find the updates in their as well. The pictures/videos are arranged, split into various lists, categorized according to month/date/year. If you just want to see the models then you go to the model index. You select the attributes you would like to see and the search features do all the work for you. They have a wonderful functional design.

They have made some 312+ videos that they display proudly inside their site. They give you mp4, 3gp, wmv, flv, avi, divx, file formats so you totally have choices. The quality? Well you will get mid to HD quality films inside. You will have the new additions giving you full-length options, and older material mostly in clip formats. This site loves adding pictures and that is why the pic gallery is 2723+ strong and growing! They never mess around with the pictures. They do them superbly with big pixel quality and high res superb-ness. For those who would like some smaller images galleries, you don’t have to worry because these guys will give you what you need. To download use the zip file.

The site limits downloads to 20-30 GB per day. You also have to download one zip file at a time. They definitely have some restrictions about their material. The design of the site was changed but it still looks a bit gauche at times. These are minor faults and the site still has some major pros, namely the quality of erotica and the beauty of the babes inside. If you look past these issues, you are left with a site that is worth looking into. Check out MPL Studios.

Wicked Pictures Discount


PNW’s Wicked Pictures Deal


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The thing about being human is that we expect too much of this world. There’s nothing wrong about that really, but only if we’re also consistent in doing our parts, too. Then again, as crazy as this might sound, the world is good and it works in the craziest ways – and that is all thanks to the people who are always readily immersed to this profound madness that draws one to absolute creativity. The most interesting part is the fact that the evidences of these creative processes point out to the adult industry. For something so hot yet so cool, that you just can’t get enough of because of its Hollywood-like feel, only in the sensual context, give it up for Wicked Pictures. Let’s do a quick review now!

Wicked Pics is the ideal place to be if you happen to be someone so hooked into anything that’s top-notch with the whole Hollywood spunk. The creators and producers have no reservations in their productions, however, not compromising the quality of every video by implementing all the most effective filming techniques, acting expertise of the models (who undergo thorough workshops), constituting to an entirely hardcore type of fun. According to the awards that they have received in years of expertise, Wicked is fully calibrated and is always prepared to exhibit nothing but the best hardcore sensual content that goes incontestable through uniqueness and splendid magnification. The secret: they go beyond the usual scope and encompass the world of live chatting. The best part, they have their models deployed for that matter – you might even get lucky to hook up with one of them!

Wicked Pictures ensures all their members that they enjoy nothing less than DVD quality videos. Sometimes, during their promotional periods, they would seek permission to syndicate some of the best DVD materials there were, vintage films full of true to life and artful nudity. With all that said, there are currently 674 DVD videos that can be enjoyed through this twisted and amazing site. Each video runs for around 100 minutes more or less. So yeah, come and get your popcorn during Friday nights or Saturdays because you are up to a whole new brand of roller coaster ride in the art of sex and pornography!

The initial subscription takes $29.95, but upon your subsequent renewals, you will only need to pay for $9.16 a month. It’s up for your grabs all the time, so have fun!

Backroom Casting Couch Discount


PNW’s Backroom Casting Couch Deal


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Men and women see things differently and as much you want to deny that, it’s pointless. This is a truth established and the only thing to do is for everyone to have the awareness of this reality so as to find means to live in ways that will not step on the perspective of both genders. While women only want to smile in front of the cam to make a guy’s die, the guy would seek more in a way as though the woman knows what he’s after. Through a site I’m going to review right now, these girls have no reservations and are willing to compromise, even in their state of virginity. It’s impossible for you to not have heard it, it’s called Backroom Casting Couch.

Actually, this website is claimed to be one of the most real porn resources ever. You will be able to witness video materials that are not really, in any way, scripted and staged. There’s the element of surprise and spontaneity that would really drive every viewer to look out for more videos. Basically, the usually scenario goes with a woman trying to find a job, but instead finds a man across the alley. This man would tell her to smile as he takes her picture since she looks so sad and she needs a constant reminder that her beauty is not befitting to any negative emotion. The guy would take advantage of the girl’s vulnerability, ask her if she’s interested to join a gig, an office desk job or any type of job. He can get pretty creative and convincing, so the girl comes to his place only to find out it’s a setup, that eventually the interview will become more sexually aggressive and that she will not have a choice because there’s a lot of grand in store for her sensual use.

For the most part, the premise is true. But as you enter the depths of Backroom Casting Couch, you will learn that lots of these girls are actually up to become famous porn stars not just for the money but simply because they find themselves hooked into the business – they’re passion. All in all, there are 288 videos with the recent updates just a couple weeks ago. The site does that on a monthly basis. You can also download the videos and choose the quality you think fits best in your device, which would be up to as high as 1080p HD. Every video runs for about 30 minutes, so you can really expect some substantive “interview” process that gets more interesting after every question.

A subscription to Backroom Casting Couch would cost $24.95 a month and to make the subsequent renewals easier, just opt to the auto renewal option upon your initial subscription. Overall, this site gets a 9.5 out of 10 from me, which is pretty much the average it has garnered through its millions of subscriptions. Enjoy!

FemJoy Discount


PNW’s FemJoy Deal


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73% off – $8.32 a month per year

Every creature is attracted to opposite sex and it’s totally natural. So, if you love to watch sexy naked women getting fucked and search online for porn contents are also natural. Online porn sites have been providing porn contents for a long time and most of the porn lovers are grateful to them for that. It’s because they feature a lot of hot and gorgeous bombshells from most of the parts of the world. Without porn sites it is impossible by a single person to find such amount of naked girls. Today I’m going to introduce you with a porn site named Femjoy. It’s a pay site which features more than 1000 models. That’s a lot of amount for a single person.

Femjoy was launched in March 2004 by the dudes at Fem Joy Cash. It mainly features HD porn and nude photography of glamour models. Contents here are mostly solo, lesbian and girl on girl scenes in sensual soft core style. There is no hardcore content here and all the members will get a lot of solo videos featuring some gorgeous babes. Well, you will get some full pussy actions from time to time. The girls moan and even scream in pleasure sometime while they please themselves which adds more fun. So you will get a lot of pussy views and a bit sucking but no dicks at all.

From the beginning this site has a reputation of providing exclusive contents and right now you will get more than 618 videos here and all of them can be streamed in an embedded flash player for approximately 4 minutes each. Members can download them in multi formats. Formats are WMV, MP4 and M4V. Production team of this site did a great job and you will get a lot of cute girls and enjoy the sensuality of female body in the videos. As they mainly focus on soft core stripping you may find same type of contents but no innovation or upgrade in the style of videos.

You will get a lot of Femjoy photos all available in Zip files so you can easily download them. This site has some professional camera mans to take the photos. Updates come frequently with update log and all the contents are dated here. You will get at least two photo galleries everyday and videos are added weekly. This site has download limit of 3GB per hour. If a person exceeds it he will have to face a 3 hour block.

DDF Network Discount


PNW’s DDF Network Deal


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65% off – $16.49 a month per year

Porn is actually one of the basic needs for all the adult persons. It starts with adult magazines then DVD parlors and finally porn sites online. Well, porn sites are of two kinds and they are free and pay sites. Free sites provide free porn contents so they actually focus on profit not user satisfaction and you can easily get a number of sites all containing same contents. In some cases you click on a content and redirected to another one which is very annoying. So, free sites are not for those people who don’t care about money but all they require is desired contents of great quality.

If you want to get porn contents regularly in a hassle free way then you should consider signing up in any pay site. Well, membership of pay sites doesn’t cost that much but keep in mind that you can sign up on a single site or get a membership of a porn network at the same price. Signing up in a network is the best deal because you will pay a little amount for the membership of a site but as the site is member of a network you can enjoy full access to the contents from all other sites as bonus. Among others a popular porn network is DDF Network and it has a huge amount of contents featuring hardcore sex of European girls. You can find 2169 glamour models in the contents across the network.

DDF Network was launched in August 2009 by DDF Productions Ltd. This network includes 14 sites and members can enjoy full access in all of them. Some of the popular sites of this network are Only Blowjob, 1 By Day, Hands on Hardcore and Hot Legs and Feet. You will find both photos and videos here. Production team did a great job and the shots are taken by experienced cameraman in some exclusive places.

You will get more than 12,737 videos here and each one of them can be streamed for approximately 15 minutes in the embedded flash player. Members can download them in WMV, MP4 and M4V formats. You will also get over 12,737 galleries containing a lot of photos. While a single gallery contains 110 photos then just imagine how many photos 12,737 galleries will have. You can download them easily in Zip files. As there is no download limit members can download as much they want.