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The media is so twisted. It washes away the real essence of what they are trying to present to the public. For instance, Jesus was from Israel, which is an Asian country. Yet on movies and TV shows that have come and go, he was played by mostly American and British actors with not even an effort to make him look at least close to what race he truly belongs to. And one reason I’m opening this up is that I love Asians and it’s just sad that their beauties and intrinsic qualities are overlooked. So in honor to that, I’ll be reviewing All Japanese Pass, because you know, Japanese are always the preconceived definition of the A’s.

It doesn’t really matter how long you’ve been lurking the adult industry. If you’re not really keen with the details, you’ll always be as good as a newbie or an oblivious prude. The point being is that when there’s the word “pass”, it’s understood that it’s a massive porn site. With that being said, All Japanese is the damn Pass you’ve been looking for in terms of all Asian porn with the hottest, most marvelous SEA beauties getting laid, fucked right in the ass, sucking balls and dicks, gaped mouths waiting for the cum shot and whatnot.

Expectancy, ah, we all have that and that should always be the case when you pay for something. Basically, you have to get something in return. But, this site, more than any other Asian concentrated porn site gives back more than it gets for profit. Currently, there are around 5,900 plus DVD quality videos to choose from. Each video is good for at least 60 minutes worth of a treat. You can choose based on your preferences through the filters, whether you’re into busty Japanese, big tit Japanese, sweetheart Asian deluxe, cutely indifferent couples and so on. There are photo galleries, but who needs them when you have the videos? Then again, it’s a bonus treat for you.

A subscription now only costs $19.95 a month. It’s probably the best offer out there for massive Japanese porn sites. So if you want the make the most out of your buck, All Japanese Pass is the way for you to go.