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ALS Scan really doesn’t give you a clue about the kind of action that they make when you look at the sites name, right? You don’t know what and who is doing the scanning, or what material is being scanned, or whether the site is from someone called ALS. That is until you learn that this is an abbreviation for the words -all ladies shaved-. This is when things start to become so much clearer. So, no-hair action is what we are reviewing today and we are damn excited about it!

The only thing that every gal inside this site has in common with the other is the fact that they are all without any sort of pubic hair near and around their delicious pussies. They first started out showing these hairless gals doing only solo action. Then they started adding some gal-gal material. Now they have added a lot of dudes and gals doing provocative things to each other. You will also find some public nudity action, some fisting, fetish goodies, solo, and even glamour stuff inside.

They are adding a mixture of videos and picture sets. They have 15 videos and 17 picture galleries that they have added in the last month. This means an almost daily updating schedule with alternating pics and movies. Due to their commitment, they bring over 1800 videos and over 2200 pic sets to you. If you look at the update section, you will catch everything that passes-by and everything that these guys add. You will have things like flash player, HD options 1080p resolution videos, high res images, file formats, zip file for pics, and downloading protocols and file sizes. In other words for those not tech savvy, you get all you need to watch/download in impressive filming quality.

If you have a thing for slim sexy young bodies, blondes and brunettes, you will feel right at home inside this site. ALS Scan offers very many different gals. The thing many people join to see when it comes to this site is the wild pussy pics and videos that give you clear shots of lips with no hair in sight. The site has also started doing more intense hardcore things like DP, anal play, insertions, peeing, and squirting. We are just happy with the no hair policy and everything else inside is a blessing!

There is more information you can find inside ALS Scan when you check out the blog. You will get live cams, and other exciting stuff inside to keep you busy. This site displays the pussy-without-hair niche of hardcore porn that many will really enjoy. It is time to get kinky with these guys. Check them out!