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Not one thing works for everybody. If you love your job, great. If you think it’s great, awesome. But if you think everyone should be doing what you’re doing or should have the passion to do the things you’re doing, then you’re a new kind of retarded. So much for that, today I’m going to talk to you about one job that really all guys would want to have had. I mean, a kind of job that they would want done to them. You’re a smart guy and it takes a no brainer to guess the right answer. So yeah, it’s a handjob and what kind of guy doesn’t want a handjob? Today, let me do a quick review of one of the best handjob concentrated porn sites.

For your information, in countries like Spain, mano actually means showing respect to elders by holding their hand and raising it up to touch your forehead. So yeah, that’s why ManoJob is called so. You know, the hand and the job. You get the picture. In this porn site, you will see the cutest girls getting all crazy about touching men’s cocks and playing with them like little girls playing pretend with their Barbie dolls. A woman would draw out the cock, hold it firmly with her gentle hands. She would play with it nicely and roughly and then sometimes for a bonus, she would bring it to the homerun with a blowjob. Love it.

For one thing, the site is actually a hardcore kind of thing and you will see the proof of that with each of the girl’s lascivious expressions and intensified gestures. There are currently 770 plus videos to choose from and each video is good for at least 15 minutes or so. As a subscriber, you can download with a certain limit per day. Overall, it’s as good as a deal as one can ever get.

It’s quite imaginative is the real sentiment I have for ManoJob. The way the girls are presented and how they are convincingly impassioned to hold cocks and play with them, well, it’s damn hot. Definitely worth the 20 bucks a month.